12 Wholesale Jewelry Suppliers Nyc That You Can Trust (Update 2022)

It’s hard enough to start a jewelry line, but when you find the best suppliers, you make your work just a little easier.

Although you can find suppliers from almost anywhere, we will show you a few of the significant suppliers in NYC.

Each brand you know will bring its best jewel solution to the table, and of course, it’s your work to choose the one that works for you.

You will then find the different suppliers that see the kind of jewel you want to focus on from there.

Why does anyone want to work with suppliers from NYC

This is a question anyone wants to know the answer to. Why New York and not any other place?

If you live in New York, then the answer is simple, the place is readily accessible to you. Why would you go anywhere else when you can find the best jewels in your town?

  • It’s a fashion capital

We talk so much about Paris and let’s say that Ney York is America’s Paris. It’s one of the cities that thrives when it comes to anything fashion-related. Since it’s the hub to some of the biggest fashion icon names, you can rest assured you will come across the best of the best jewelers here.

Of course, this then says that you will have a mix of ideas from those who are just visiting and the residents if you buy from here. The creativity in this city is over the top, and that’s why you keep finding all the fashion events held here.

So if you are starting and want to be the best, then maybe seeking a supplier from this city is one of the best choices. The jewels here are authentic, stylish, and best priced.

  • There are so many suppliers

Since it’s a fashion-height city, many brand wholesale suppliers have their offices and factories here. It’s like you walk one door to the next finding the best jewelry suppliers.

Of course, when the only thing you want is to start your line of jewels, you will want the best suppliers.

You want to stand out; therefore, you need to check out the wholesalers from NYC to find the partner you can deal with.

The fashion essence of New York have them working so hard to create different lines of jewels every time. Be informed that you will find anything here, including those businesses that have their factories here. You will have several options to choose from, too, remember.

  • Fashion designers

NYC is the home to the best fashion designers from every angle of fashion. They have several top fashion designers in the world.

Notice that this fashion industry is rapidly changing. The jewel creators are also getting more creative by the day.

So, do you want to be the first to deliver the unique jewels to your clients? Check the sites below.

1. Ur Eternity

Ur Eternity

Here we have a fast-growing wholesale jewelry supplier. They will supply anything related to fashion and customs jewelry. They are mainly focused on fashion jewelry, though. They often import, manufacture, and export the jewels when need be. The essence is to make sure they meet the customer’s needs.

They also use competitive prices to get the best clients to their site. You can find them both online and in the factory and stores in New York. The company ensures they make only the best jewels they can.

Notice that they have several jewelry and handbag as you would expect. The good thing is that the jewels are sometimes African-inspired. Additionally, they also target all women of different races and targets.

If you are sure you want to know the jewels’ prices, you should log into their website to see and compare the price you think will work for you.

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2. Wona trading

Wona trading

Here is another one of the brands that were first founded in 2004. It will offer you the wholesale supply as they also import jewels. They have a showroom in New York. And they let you do drop shipping if you would like to.

You can expect quality, stylish and competitive prices for the jewels. They offer a wide range of jewels for you to choose from and you can therefore be sure to find your taste on this site.

Whether you want the high-end jewels or just the regular average and low ones, you will find them.

Notice, though, that when you are going to Wona you should know that they are not specialized in any product. They sell other things aside from the jewels.  To learn more about this site, you should visit them.

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3. CJS sales warehouse

CJS sales warehouse

Of course, those who aren’t new to the city know where to go when searching for vintage jewels. Before your mind starts wandering in questioning, let me make it clear, CJS stands for craft jewelry supplies. Notice that you will further find their large shop in the heart of Manhattan.

It would help if you visited this warehouse one of these days for those who like to find the best-looking jewels or jewelry shopping. So, of course, this is a brand owned by a father-daughter duo that loves jewelry.

If you want to know the latest in the market too, you can be sure to find it on this site. This also means that you will find the creative types with the designers.

Notice, though, that you will find only the unique pieces, and as such most people refer to it as the dead stock. You will find stacks of jewels where you have only one type of jewel of the many that were previously available.

Just expect vintage jewelry, jewelry parts, cameos, beads, findings, collectibles, Swarovski crystals, Australian rhinestones, and many more.

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4. Myron Toback inc

Myron Toback inc

Another company that you will find in New York is Myron. They will supply all your necessary jewels, tools, and supplies.

If you are looking for all the quality findings, jewels, experts, and suppliers will visit this site. They are present online, but they also have the site at fifth avenue New York.

They have the refinishing service in-house. For over 50 years, this company has had the best jewelry and high-quality options. This is a family business, but it’s very successful, focusing on satisfying customer needs.

You will get the best types of gold jewels, platinum, palladium, silver, and many others you would like to have. The company heritage is something, and they have a goal to deliver the best once only.

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5. Lunessa


Well, this is for all the women and girls. If you want to venture into the women’s and girls’ jewels, then there is the place to go. Elise has made sure she brings the best-looking pieces for the runway shows, but celebrities can also use the jewels.

This is ideal for you if you like the handcrafted options that are just made in New York. So this site is the greatest as it makes it easy to support the local artists. You will therefore find the feminine jewels that can stand the test of time.

The focus is on the holistic approach, and thus when manufacturing the jewels, they make sure the environment is safe.

Of course, with all this goodness, you expect to pay a lot more than the regular. This is even the site where you will find personalized choices. Here you will get the different kinds of gems, and they stand out when it comes to bringing you perfect-looking jewels.

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6. Ultimate diamond jewelry

Ultimate diamond jewelry

Here we have a 3rd generation family-run business whose aim is to sell the best and most authentic diamond options to you.

This business is over 50years old and has delivered the best rings, necklaces, bracelets, and other different jewels.

This brand particularly stands out when it comes to the best-looking diamond jewels you can use for significant events in your life. They maintain professionalism, and you will also enjoy their customer service.

Many people, including celebrities, have gotten their diamond wedding and engagement rings made with ultimate diamonds.

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7. Scarlet jewelry with spirit

Scarlet jewelry with spirit

Here we have another corporation for the different jewels’ styles, but they mostly focus on the costume jewels. They distribute jewels, but they are also one of the great suppliers in New York. You will like the site as they offer the best jewel ideas from all over the world.

Sarah, the founder, has always focused on creating some of the best silver jewels, and their jewels, therefore, command attention. This brand is famous for bringing some of the best jewels to produce unique jewels. Mind you; they will always add their personal touch.

Each collection you, therefore, find here has a story and meaning. They will focus on mindfulness.

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8. New York jewelry house

New York jewelry houseNew York jewelry house

This is the site you go to when all you need is to find the best-looking and high-end jewels around the country. Shoppers visit this site from different places with the essence of finding the best jewels to bring to their shops.

It stands out for selling high-quality jewels, and whether you are buying the diamond simulant or the high-end ones, the quality is the same.

New York jewelry house makes all the best-looking jewels. Notice that the jewels you, therefore, want here will always last longer.

When you buy the jewels here, then you are sure to attain a high-profit margin. They always use competitive pricing. You can decide to buy from their online shop or even the offline ones. Even when you are buying online, you can be sure to have pleasant shopping.

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9. Trendy wholesale

Trendy wholesale

Whether you want to find information regarding the jewels or you are just shopping, you will find some of the very best options on this site. This jewelry company is located in the heart of NYC. They can supply you with the trendiest solution.

Notice that they hand select the jewels to make sure they only pick the best options. So they will always maintain the perfect style and quality. You can, therefore, find all the different options you will need for this.

Well, the company aims at selling the best jewel on any occasion. So then, if you want, you can visit their showroom in NYC. You will find necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and more. Trendy will quench your passion for jewelry making it easy to find the best jewels.

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10. ID jewelry

ID jewelry

The bests sites are the ones that have the customers in mind, and this is what the site here is about. They focus on making sure everyone can get the best jewel that they would make use of. If you want to visit the shop, you can quickly go to the shop.

If you want a site with real jewelers who will tell you everything regarding the jewels, this is the site to visit. They will give you hands-on experience with diamond jewelry. This company has been in existence for more than 35 years to know the best jewels one can use.

They work hard to make sure that you receive only the best jewels. Mind you; this brand specializes in customer-made jewels. You will find the different metals, but they also give you a variety of gems to use. You will have perfect customer service here.

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11. All jewelry contracting

All jewelry contracting

Another one of the most important manufacturing and supply sites is here. This is a family-owned business that’s rapidly growing to serve a large market body. On this site, you will notice all the quality model jewels.

If you want them to stone set or take on any service for you, they will. But they will also supply you with the best-looking jewels.

Basically, it means that it will deliver all the manufacturing components under one roof, making it a better choice. New York is a competitive city, which then means that you need to stand out too.

It will also give you the different colors of gold, silver, and any other styles of jewel you would like to achieve.

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12. Riva precision

Riva precision

Whenever you are looking for the best manufacturers and suppliers, then you have them in this company. Situated in Brooklyn, it will make your work easy by providing some of the best jewel cut designs and colors.

They only make sure they choose the best gem from the market before they even start to make the right jewels. This company has been in business for over thirty years now, and today it has the workmanship it needs to produce the best in this fashion capital.

This company has the best blog that will make you understand a little more of whatever it is venturing in. When you start working with them, you will understand why they have been in business for such a long time.

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What makes them good

For your successful business, you will need to have the right supplier. You can’t know the best one to work for you if you don’t check the features we list below.

  • They are innovative

Any business will only grow as much as the owner has the drive to do more. Well, your supplier has to show you the drive to grow even better. That then indicates that there will be some good things coming. They are open to try new trends and bring them on the market. This will help to keep you abreast of the ever-changing technology.

You can show this to your customers by helping them understand a new thing every time they come in.

  • They always want to improve

You are never there yet. When you feel like you are at the top of your game, you will lose the morale to do anything, and your business will fail. No wonder wants to work with such a person. Make sure they show the desire to improve

  • They understand the business

The one thing attractive about any professional is when you understand the business. Well, the best supplier is not a programmer who just knows things they have seen on google. Right suppliers are hands-on and have first-hand information that regards jewels. In fact, the best one is so passionate about the jewelry business.

  • They understand their industry

Such people also understand their industry, so they know the necessary tax to pay, the laws to abide by, and everything that regards jewels. They know which jewels are selling more and which ones would sell more for you to choose. They can advise you if needed.

  • Communications is key

They are great at communicating and even following up once you leave their store to see how your business is doing.

With proper communication, of course, you maintain the perfect relationship, which is all you need.

There you go are you ready to go find the jewelry supplier for your business? Go on today and let us know your experience in the comment section.

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