Will My Ear Piercing Close Up Overnight

At times, ear piercing is a painful process; the type of ear piercing also influences how much the pain is, whether it is minor pain or unbearable pain. If the pain were excruciating, you definitely would not want your piercing to close.

So the question that you may be asking yourself is how long you will have to wait for your ear piercing to heal completely, and also if the piercing will close overnight, that is, if the earring is removed and of course, when is the right time to remove your piercing.

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The latest trending piercings and earrings can also influence your desire to get an update on what was done initially. You will want to know how long it will take for you to remove your earrings without any concerns about the piercing closing up after removing the initial jewelry.

Should your ear piercing be less than six weeks then removing the earrings will lead to the pierced hole closing up in hours. On the other hand, one night is not long enough for the piercing to close up.

Factors that influence closing up of an ear-piercing.

The process of healing

The healing process depends on you and how well you take care of your piercing. Cleaning the piercing with saline water is essential for a speedy recovery. Following your piercer’s instructions religiously will decrease the healing time of the piercing.

You should also avoid touching the piercing too much as by doing that, you may introduce bacteria, which will prolong your healing process.

Generally, if you want to remove your earrings, you need to be extra cautious and clean; by doing this, you will be able to change your earrings overnight without the piercing closing up.

The position of the ear piercing

The position or the location of the ear-piercing has significant effects on how long your piercing will take to heal. There are several positions in which you can pierce the ear; it all depends on where your piercing is done.

Some of the positions where the ear piercing is performed take a longer time to heal, like conch orbital piercing, which is also a painful piercing.

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So you get to decide which position to pierce according to your taste and preference; regardless of what piercing you choose, you should know how long the piercing will take to heal so that you can understand when to remove your earrings and when not to take them off.

How old is the piercing

Any piercing that is less than six weeks should not be tampered with. The time in which your piercing was done also has an impact on whether you should remove your ring or not. It is, however, essential to keep your earrings in the piercing if they are less than six weeks old.

Will the earring holes close overnight?

You need to wear your rings on, especially if it is a new piercing. Removing them before the complete healing of the piercing may result in it closing up.

If you decide to remove the rings before the piercing is complete, for example, removing the ring at 1-2 weeks will result in the closing up of the piercing.

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There are different types of ear piercing, and each of them has different healing times. Any decision to remove the ring will require the piercing to be fully healed; other than that, you may have to undergo another re-piercing, which is not an easy process.

The types of ear piercing include ear lobe, conch orbital, rook, and tragus. Conch orbital is the most delicate piercing and is also very painful, after which the rook piercing follows.

It is also essential not to get more than three piercing simultaneously as you can easily take care of the three piercings. Restricting the number of piercings will make it easier for you during the ear piercing’s care and maintenance process.

Can new piercings close in an hour?

The piercing cannot close in an hour. The major disadvantage of removing the ring within an hour is that you may introduce bacteria to the piercing while returning the earrings, which can have drastic effects.

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You will also encounter a sharp pain while returning the earrings to the piercings because it is a fresh wound. Additionally, if you take a long time before returning the ring, there will be resistance as the piercing would have shrunk.

You should take note while returning the ring if you have to remove it from the piercing; you have to properly clean the earrings before fitting them back into the piercing.

Can an ear-piercing close after one year?

After the piercing, the hole takes a long time to close up as long as the earrings were intact in the piercing for over twelve weeks.

Human bodies vary from one person to another, and thus there is a difference in how long each person’s body will heal.

The piercings, therefore, are considered to stay open for up to eight months. Soon after the months elapse, returning the earrings will have some pain associated with it as the piercing will have already reduced from its original size.

It is essential to bear in mind that taking the earrings off without the piercing healing completely is painful, and it also causes unnecessary disturbance.

Will the holes close if you do not wear your earrings?

Closing of the piercing hole depends on a few factors: the piercing and the period in which you have had your piercing are factors you should consider. The piercing will close if the earrings are not worn.

A less than six-week-old piercing will close after 24 hours, while those who have had the piercing for a long time and are completely healed will stay for more extended periods before closing up.

If your skin reacts to certain metals, the piercing closing is faster and will take a few days, regardless of how long you have stayed with the piercing. If this occurs, you will need to be patient for the piercing to fully recover before re-piercing again.

What should you do if your ear piercing closed overnight?

In very rare cases, the piercing might close overnight even after having had the piercing for several years. Sometimes the piercing may seem to have healed entirely, but after staying for months without wearing your earring, the hole might close up.

You need to evaluate the extent of closure, that is, if the piercing is closed from the bottom, the top, or if it closed up completely. Should the closing of the piercing be temporary, then you can try fitting the earrings from either side of the piercing.

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Putting an earring back may sometimes be painful; if by any chance the piercing is extremely painful, then you should not continue fitting the earrings back. Consulting with your piercer would be the best option if the pain is still there.

What do you do when the piercing is permanently closed?

Forcing the piercing to open is one of the options you have, but doing this it comes with a price because the piercing will be too painful if the skin layer formed on the piercing is very thick; however, if the skin layer is not that thick, a little push will open the piercing.

Returning the earrings to the piercing would require you to observe hygiene to prevent any bacterial infection. You will need to observe precautionary measures like;

  1. Disinfecting the surface area in which you will put your materials. You also need to clean the materials you are going to use using cotton wool.
  2. You will need to take a bath so that your ears and skin become soft.
  3. Massaging the piercing is the next step, and you can massage using emu oil.
  4. Pull the skin where the piercing is done slowly and calmly to try and expand the piercing hole.
  5. Try inserting the earring from different angles that are from either side of the ear. You should be very careful while inserting the earring; if the pain is too much, you should stop immediately.

If this process is complicated, visit a professional and seek advice on what to do from them.

When can you sleep without your earrings?

Depending on which type of piercing you have done, after six weeks, you can sleep without your earrings if they cause you any discomfort, whereas, for cartilage piercings, you can only remove them after twelve weeks.

How do you keep your piercing from closing up?

Do not take off your piercing for long periods.

It is essential to keep your earrings in the piercings even after completing the six weeks; taking them off for a long time or days is not advisable.

Do not remove the earrings before six weeks.

You should religiously follow the aftercare instructions and keep the earrings in the piercing. After the sixth week, you can remove the ring and leave the piercing overnight without having significant concerns about the piercing closing.

Do not remove cartilage piercing, not less than 12 weeks.

Cartilage piercings usually take longer to heal. With this, you will have to be patient enough before removing them. These piercings are fragile and should be well looked after. The piercing heals after twelve weeks, and after this, you can remove your earrings.

Bottom line

It does not make sense to have your piercing done and later let it close up. Closed piercings are not good news for you as they can leave scars and marks on your skin. If your skin is hypersensitive, get a hypoallergenic earring and give your piercing time to heal.

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